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Mount Vernon Canyon Club boasts a full junior tennis program.  One of the best ways to combine competition, practice, and improvement is our Junior Team Tennis program.   Based on age and ability, juniors will practice together and play matches against other clubs. 

We have teams for ages 8-18 years old.  All levels welcome.  Top teams advance to the State Championship on August 3-5.  Weather make-ups are on Fridays from 1-2:30pm (all ages).  Members are allowed to register and sponsor a guest.  The member must participate in the program with the guest.                     

COST: $299 includes registration, practices, and team shirt   
Players that are not on a team, are allowed to come to practices!
$18/Day Drop-In 

:  Mondays  |  June 11 – July 23 
10 & Under  |  8am
12 & Under  |  9:30am
14 & Under  |  11am
18 & Under  |  12:30pm                

:  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays  |  June 5 – July 26 
10 & Under  |  1-2:30pm
12 & Under  |  1-2:30pm
14 & Under  |  1-2:30pm
18 & Under  |  1-2:30pm     

Key Changes for 2018  

Format of play is 1 singles and 1 doubles at the same time utilizing three different players.  Players can NO longer play singles and doubles in the same match.  This format will be a more efficient use of everyone’s time.  

New match times are 90 minutes apart (see above).   

Juniors that are 10 years or younger as of August 5, 2018, must play in the 10 & Under division and may not play up in an older division.  This is a new rule with no exceptions.             

Questions?  racquets@mountvernoncc.com  |  303.526.4173

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